Our next Global Challenge

12 January 2023


ISTA’s global challenge for 2023-2024 is ‘Tuning in.

Why this global challenge?

 At a time when the world and individual communities face so many challenges, it has become difficult for young people to tune into what is important. In a world of constant media noise and distraction it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves, our communities and what is factual.

We hope, therefore, that ISTA’s global challenge for our next season (June 2023 – May 2024) Tuning In, will engage young people with opportunities to inquire, reflect and explore the world and themselves through theatre. 

We believe it offers host schools and artists an imaginative and meaningful inspiration that has relevance to both the host community and to the world. 

We have identified 7 areas of learning that can be the focus of a festival:

· Tuning into ourselves

· Tuning into our community and what our community needs

· Tuning into what is true and what is false

· Tuning into our environments, our world and beyond

· Tuning into the challenges of others and thinking about how we can make a difference

· Tuning into the past to learn from it or into the future to prepare for it

· Celebrating our ability to tune in and connect through the arts

When planning a festival, the school host can approach this global challenge through three entry points by first of all:

  1. choosing one of the areas of learning 
  2. choosing an inspirational story text 
  3. choosing a cultural experience

What is ISTA’s current 2022-2023 Global Challenge?

Our current season runs until the end of May 2023 and all of our current offerings are guided by this season’s Global Challenge – ‘A World of Difference‘.

This challenge has provided us with many opportunities for exploration. Some example areas of learning we have developed for festivals and events include:

  • · The post-pandemic world and its challenges for young people
  • · The changes in our communities
  • · Diversity, equity and inclusion 
  • · Social justice
  • · The environment
  • · Young people wanting to make a difference/ change the world
  • · What it means to be or feel different 
  • · A celebration of difference
  • · The arts and how they make a difference 

We can’t wait to see what ISTA’s next season will bring starting in June 2023!