Remembering Dinos

7 March 2024

In honour of the 1-year passing of our beloved friend and colleague, Dinos Aristidou, we have gathered together our cherished memories of him. Dinos was a passionate man of the arts, a gentle and loving human, and a courageous and innovative leader. His impact on ISTA dates back to its origins. His impact on global education, especially our ISTA community, was extraordinary and his passion, guidance, generosity, wisdom and empathy have made us all better educators, artists and humans. As we reflect on the memories we have shared with Dinos, we are reminded of his passion for life, his dedication to his craft, and his unwavering support for those around him.

Dinos with students


• Remembering the magical twinkle in your eyes, together with authentic curiosity. Always interested in others’ thoughts and opinions. 

• Remembering the first time I met you and watched you hold the room, through a TAPS in Stratford Upon Avon. The students were transfixed.

• Remembering a gorgeous day when you and David played with my family and our friends, trampolining in the Cornish sunshine. Followed, of course, by an impromptu puppet theatre, featuring Dinos, the Fairy Godmother! Who else??…… 


• Remembering the electrical magic you facilitated in a building on a side street in Amman. 

• Remembering finally meeting you in a workshop and your emphatic exclamation about how good it was to meet in this context ‘This is me!’

Dinos in a workshop

Helen, Dinos and Tom at awards night


• Remembering working with you on the Digital Global Production and your generosity and trust in me.

• Remembering meeting you in person for the first time in London and the joy, energy and enthusiasm you brought to the occasion.


• Remembering your wicked sense of humour

• Remembering your kindness and humbleness

• Remembering that you always remembered where we last left off, even if it was over a year since we last saw each other.

Dinos giggling

Anna Parr, Dinos and Keriann photo


• Remembering the lightbulb moments. I loved seeing that magic happen when someone was experiencing one of your innovative and inspiring techniques for the very first time and they had that moment when everything you taught them just connected for them. You could see that electric jolt of inspiration from you flow right through them.

• Remembering your laughter and the accompanying little twinkle in your eye.


• Remembering your unique talent for whispering hilariously unexpected and possibly inappropriate comments at the most inopportune times, challenging me to contain my laughter and avoid getting into trouble.

• Remembering the profound insights and vision you possessed, and your wonderful ability to make someone feel truly valued and listened to. It made each moment shared with you intensely meaningful.

Dinos and Mike

Sophie and Helen selfie


• Remembering our breakfast meeting in Jordan, jetlagged and excited.

• Remembering our ISTA stall at the Music and Drama conference, the stories you shared with me and the giddy excitement you had when meeting one of your inspirations at the event.

• Remembering your curiosity and love for stories, the way you held a room and brought such wonder to the people who had the honour of working with you and learning from you.


• Remembering our joyful, inspiring and oftentimes utterly hilarious (and sometimes hysterical) video calls many times each week. They were a much-needed fuel and oh so welcomed.

• Remembering the impact you made not only on countless people individually, but on the collective world of theatre and the arts. An impact that still thrives in all corners of the globe.

Dinos and Tom selfie

Dinos with journal


• Remembering meeting you in various places around the globe and you always seemed to have just come from a bookshop and were eager to share your latest find – a book of poems, a play text, a collection of photographs, a set of cards…

• Remembering the unique way you moved your hands when speaking and how they expressed joy and wonder and curiosity and caution – and helped to shape, frame and punctuate your words – and mostly how you held the room in them. 

• Remembering your journals and always wondering what incredible ideas and musings they contained