Scene – New look and call out for contributors!

24 May 2022

As you know, ISTA is undergoing an exciting period of change. We are in the process of examining what we offer to our members and, as part of this, are looking at ways to develop Scene, our quarterly journal.

Scene is an integral part of what we produce and has, over the last 21 years, been such an invaluable source of shared knowledge. It is widely shared with freelancers and industry professionals. We are soon to offer it outside our ISTA community via a subscription purchase to bring it in line with other respected theatre journals so it will reach an even wider audience.

From September 2022, we will be launching our new-look Scene with the following focal points to represent ISTA’s 4 strands of work:

September – Exploring the world through theatre

This issue will examine the role that theatre and the arts play in exploring the world, how we can use theatre to address global issues and challenges as well as sharing exciting work that celebrates global learning.

December – Theatre in the world

This issue will explore theatre practices and traditions from around the world, the range of cultural approaches to the arts and how to best engage students in this rich area and celebrate this diversity.

March – The world of theatre

This issue will explore theatre as a form of art, the development of contemporary theatre around the world and how theatre is brought alive for young people in the classroom and other settings.

June – The Global Learner

This issue explores strategies and approaches for the development of the global learner and the role the arts can play both in developing key skills and in helping young people to be confident, compassionate and resilient human beings.

Each amazing issue will contain the following types of articles:

• Resources & reviews

• Academic / theoretical papers

• Case studies

• Provocations and inspirations

• Reflections (eg. experiential accounts, reflections on a project or theme)

• Practical units of work or activities for HS

• Practical units of work or activities for MS

• Industry perspectives from the professional world

**** What we would like from you! ****

We KNOW there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise within our community and we are keen to tap into, share it and celebrate it!!

We would love to invite you to consider your own skills and what you can contribute to future issues of Scene. We are looking for:

• Article ideas for the 4 areas of focus (Exploring the world through theatre, Theatre in the world, The world of theatre, The Global Learner)

• Essays / dissertations / research you have already written or conducted

• Projects we could feature

• Reviews of a theatre company’s work or a show you have seen

• Reflections on an experience you’ve had as a teacher, learner or audience member

• Work or material from your students 

• Anything you feel would be interesting to our readers!

Why contribute to Scene…

Your words would reach 200+ schools and 150+ artists within our community with a wider audience to follow via the subscription service.

You can add it to your CV and share with family, friends and within your professional community…!

Please send all your ideas and thoughts to Scene editor Helen Abbott –