Spotlight sessions for students of DP Theatre

13 October 2020

With over 30 years of experience working with students and teachers in the DP Theatre programme, ISTA is delighted to announce a new online experience for DP Theatre students. Our monthly Spotlight sessions are designed to reinforce and further develop the essential skills and understandings that DP Theatre students require to be successful in the core areas of the programme as well as assessment tasks.

Spotlight sessions are designed with the ISTA values at their core. They are interactive and collaborative, and students will work alongside peers from other international schools forging connections and friendships along the way. ISTA experiences are immersive, creative and infused with a sense of care and well being – not to mention fun. The sessions are led by a team of ISTA international practitioners/IB workshop leaders with pedagogical, curriculum and assessment experience in the DP Theatre programme and focus area.

For over three decades young people have been attending our Theatre arts programme symposia (TaPS) events around the world. These experiences have made a profound impact on DP Theatre students and their role as young theatre makers. In response to our current world situation where young people cannot travel to London, New York or Bali… ISTA is committed to adapting, being innovative and ever evolving so we can continue to provide these life changing experiences for your young people.

Our sessions build on the work you’ve already done in your DP Theatre class and extend the experience of our TaPS online workshops. They are suitable both for students who have already experienced our other online ISTA events and for students who are completely new to ISTA.

In these socially-distanced times it’s more important than ever to collaborate with like-minded people and to build strong communities and creative networks. Our Spotlight sessions aren’t only intended to support you with your academic achievement but also to offer a space for you to meet new people and learn alongside other theatre makers from schools across the globe.

DP Theatre students are invited to register as individuals using the following link. The sessions are open to all DP Theatre students globally, you do not need to be at an ISTA member school in order to take part. Our webpages provide further details for students and their parents to consider prior to booking. The cost is GBP £20.
Find out more about our November and December sessions and book here.

We are delighted to announce that our first two Spotlight sessions will take place in November and December 2020. In mid December we will then launch our calendar of Spotlight sessions for January through to May 2021.


Focus areas for Spotlight sessions from January to May 2021 will include:
• Digitally creating and performing solo theatre work
• Exploring TEAM
• How to journal
• Analysing live theatre
• Meaningful reflection

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