Studio celebrations and snapshots

12 December 2019

After a successful set of professional development and learning events in 2019 we are delighted to share some of our favourite Studio celebrations.


Hungry for more this year?
If you are close by and in a position to do more PD – we have a number of 1 day Studios and after school Twilights taking place between January – May 2020. Head over to our PD&L event page for more details!

A sneak peak at our 2020 Studios
We are going to continue with our focus on the middle school Theatre teacher and build from the curriculum focus of this past year by turning our attention to another key aspect of your work – Concept based learning for the middle school Theatre teacher. As such I am delighted to announce venues and dates for September 2020 – booking opens via the ISTA website on 13th January 2020.

More about the focus for our 2020 Studios: Concept based learning for the middle school Theatre teacher
This workshop is suitable for all middle school Theatre teachers interested in developing a concept based course and concept driven units of work.

Concept based learning focuses on the development of a student’s understanding of ‘big ideas’ and is driven by student centred inquiry. In a practical theatre course, concept based learning helps students to understand ideas regarding theatre as well as the way theatre functions as a form of art. It also develops a student’s understanding of any concepts, themes, issues and ideas in plays that they study or in any material that is being used by the students to create original theatre.

Theatre is also a powerful and effective tool for developing conceptual understandings. Learning through theatre offers opportunities for an experiential approach, one of the most powerful ways to develop conceptual understandings, and for authentic and real world teaching and learning. Providing a powerful and unique approach to understanding concepts, it establishes theatre as a means of exploring the world, expressing ideas and communicating these to others.

This Studio will explore the nature of concept driven learning in Theatre and the value and significance of a concept based theatre programme as part of the middle school curriculum. We will examine the nature of theatre skills and how they can be developed through a concept driven programme as well as consider theatre as a tool for learning. Through practical activities and exercises, participants will gain a better understanding of how to approach and plan concept based theatre programmes, develop strategies that use theatre as a conceptual learning tool and have the opportunity to develop new concept based units of work.

Appropriate for all middle school Theatre teachers and for IB MYP Drama teachers.

… And for teachers in South Asia and/or for those who couldn’t attend in 2019 and would like to take part in PD focusing on A guide to developing an international middle school theatre curriculum I’m delighted to announce the following opportunity: