TaPS online… a striking success!

23 September 2020

It’s often hard to envisage what an online ISTA experience looks like. What better way to convince than you through photos, quotes and the voices of teachers and students.

The online experience was interactive, engaging and so worthwhile. ISTA did it again! I was a little dubious as to how the online version would go but I was really surprised at how free flowing it was. It was as if Joachim was there with us!

Lizzie Hodge (teacher International School of Phnom Penh) TaPS online September 2020

The highlight of my TaPS online experience is all the different theatre conventions we learnt and different ways of approaching devising theatre. I had a really fun time doing the movement exercises as well as it got me to get up and engaged in class, while also challenging my physicality and creativity. I also really liked our ISTA artist because despite doing it online he was very patient with any technicalities. Its such a shame we weren’t able to meet him face to face but I still thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I even cried a bit at the end! It’s been extremely helpful in helping my relationship with theatre and I will really treasure this experience.

Student, International School of Phnom Penh TaPS online September 2020


All IB Theatre teachers (experienced or not) should consider getting an online Taps experience into their school. Its great fun, amazing PD for teachers and an awesome way to get your IB class off to a running start in the course.

Nita Dewse (teacher Bangkok Patana School) TaPS online September 2020


My students really valued being together as an ensemble and watching live theatre together. The whole event made them bond much quicker then they would have achieved normally. It was great that we were able to experience TaPS so early on in the course.

Nita Dewse (teacher Bangkok Patana School), TaPS online September 2020


The highlight of my TaPS online experience was being able to come up with my own ideas and apply them to a theatre piece, especially with a theory that I really wanted to explore, as well as being able to listen in on everyone’s ideas. I think that I definitely had more of an appreciation for collaborative work because everyone is just so brilliant.

Student, TaPS online September 2020

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