TaPS online

3 June 2020

TaPS online – an overview

TaPS online has the same learning outcomes and ‘take aways’ as our TaPS events.
Just delivered differently.

TaPS online consists of 10 x 1.5 hour sessions. We will be recommending a more intensive/immersive time frame for the course. This can either be delivered during the time frame of a TaPS event (i.e. over a 3-day weekend) or through a combination of weekend/class time covering 1-2 weeks.

There will be two modes of delivery:

•  A series of slideshows content related to the focus of the particular session. Each slide show will also contain an hour’s worth of exercises and activities for the class to complete on the session’s area of focus. The slideshows will be a combination of text, workshop leader on audio and workshop leader on film. Slideshows will be developed by your workshop leader using a pre-established ISTA template. Teacher and students will play the slideshow and work on the activities. These slideshows also become a permanent resource for the teacher.

•  Interactive virtual workshops with the ISTA artist. Each workshop follows a slideshow. There will be a gap of time between the slideshow and the interactive workshop for students to work on the activities set in the slideshow. During the interactive workshop students will share their work and receive feedback on their practical work from the workshop leader as well as being led through ‘live’ activities.

How TaPS online will work
•  TaPS online will be launched on Monday 17th August 2020.
•  We will need to factor in 2-4 weeks from the date of booking to the date the course can begin.
•  Upon launch we’ll also be providing a series of sample schedules for you, examples of how the delivery of TaPS online might look like.
•  Once booked, we will allocate you a workshop leader. This will be an experienced student ensemble leader for TaPS based in your region.
•  You will determine the dates and times of your sessions directly with your workshop leader.
•  We will ask you, as the teacher, to select an online theatre performance for you, your students and your workshop leader to watch. This will then be used in session #10.
•  We will invite another ISTA artist to join the course and deliver a live, interactive 90-minute master class. Upon booking we’ll provide a list of possible master class topics and artists to choose from. The master class leader will link various aspects of their tradition/skill/theorist to elements of the DP Theatre course throughout the master class. The master class will replace one of the interactive sessions outlined above.
•  We are developing price bands for schools. There will be a course price (rather than an individual per student registration cost) for 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 and 20+ students.
•  We will be including 1-2 hours of one-on-one time between you as the teacher and the workshop leader before, during and after the course. This can be for Q&A, to outline the particular circumstances/needs of the group and to discuss possible ‘follow on’ activities for you and the students.

Additional considerations
•  TaPS online is likely to be a more bespoke offering to your particular group of students than the experience of attending a TaPS event because your workshop leader will be working, solely, with your DP Theatre group.
•  At the moment we envisage that each school will follow the course independently of other schools. However, we are considering how we may be able to link schools virtually in order for students to collaborate with peers from another DP Theatre school. This idea is something we are considering as we recognise its value. However, we cannot promise this will be integral to the course at this time.
•  You can sign up and book for TaPS online at any time during the year. While many teachers take advantage of the TaPS experience as a ‘kick start’ to the academic year this does not necessarily follow for TaPS online. Therefore, you can book at any time of year and undertake the course at any time of year.
•  We also recognise that this course, particularly if you have a large cohort of students, can also be delivered separately for year 1 and year 2 students.

If you are interested in being added to our mailing list for when TaPS online is launched, please complete the form below to log an expression of interest. Booking opens 17th August 2020.


Sally Robertson