The ISTA Team’s Highlights from 2017

22 December 2017

As the sun sets on 2017, we took a little time to reflect on our highlights from the year. Each year is full of moments, big or small, happy or sad, that stay with us and linger long in the memory.

Sharing stories, making magic moments happen and forming connections are all part of everything we do. And that’s why we want to share this selection of highlights from our team with you…

Jo Parish – Finance Director

“In the summer my Dad took Lily, her friend and myself out in his boat. He has had a little boat moored at St Anthony since I was a baby. We went out into the bay and were heading towards Falmouth when we came across a pod of dolphins. We stopped and they came swimming towards us. We went on a bit further and they followed.

“This happened for about an hour and it was absolutely fantastic. I have always loved dolphins ever since I was a young child, and to see them off the coast of Cornwall, so close, was wonderful. You can’t help smile if you see them.”

Sally Robertson – Executive Director

“My highlight was celebrating 20 years as a Mum and seeing both girls successfully through high school and one successfully complete her second year of Uni. I’m taking great delight in seeing them beautifully navigate this next chapter of life… and adulthood.

“Highlight yet to happen – 30th December, my eldest nephew’s wedding in Manchester…”

Ian Pike – Assistant Director

“My ISTA highlight was the New York TaPS. Our biggest event ever with over 250 students and teachers. Masterclasses from the Broadway War Horse puppeteers and musical director. The cast of The Play That Went Wrong giving a talkback after seeing the show and a specially commissioned Butoh performance in a hired theatre space in the East Village.

“At the risk of being predictable my personal highlight was running the London Marathon. The most amazing feeling getting to run with so many other runners and through such huge crowds appealed greatly to the performer within me’s love of an audience.”

Tom Scott – Senior Producer, AiR Coordinator and Safety Manager

“My highlight of 2017 (and possibly my life so far) was heading out to the Czech Republic and Poland to visit Doris Grozdanovicova (Holocaust Survivor). Me and two colleagues spent time with her, recording her story and learning more about this terrible part of our world’s history. A film by ISTA will be launched in early 2017 documenting this experience.”

Emmy Abrahamson – Executive Assistant

“My biggest highlight has been writing and selling an original feature film script this year. I wrote it in just 17 days in January and now in December it’s been sold to one of Scandinavia’s biggest film production companies. It’s a comedy with two women as the leads which is definitely something we need to see more of. And it proves that you don’t need to work on something for ages for it to be a success.”

Jen Tickle – Senior Producer, Membership Coordinator, CPD Coordinator

“A personal highlight for me was organising my time as a home worker properly. I set up my mountain bike on a static trainer and I ‘cycle to work’ and back each day. I never leave the patio, but it gets me exercising and frames my working day in quite a clear way. It also explains why I sometimes look at bit red in the face when we have early morning team meetings via Skype, if I haven’t had time to cool down!”

Happy holidays to everyone and we look forward to sharing a wonderful 2018 with you!