The latest developments at ISTA

16 February 2023

In the ISTA spirit of collaboration and the development of global learning through theatre, we’ve been exploring ways of enhancing our work with the introduction of new initiatives, collaborations and areas of work.

ISTA™️ Young Creative Leadership Programme

We are excited to be offering the first phase of our ISTA™️ Young Creative Leadership Programme. This is an opportunity for high school students to not only develop their leadership skills but to also apply them in their own community. Guided by an ISTA Mentor and learning alongside ISTA artists at a Middle School Festival, the student completes a series of reflective and practical activities. This empowering programme is designed to encourage students to develop as global learners and to engage with their communities, using theatre as a tool for connection, collaboration and change. Do get in touch if you’d like more details or click here to download the Information pack.

Professional theatre companies as ISTA festival guest directors

Every year, we will be inviting a professional theatre company as guest director, to artistically lead one of our festivals. This is an opportunity for ISTA to engage artistically with innovative theatre companies from around the world who share our mission and values. Bringing together a company’s professional practice with the ISTA™️ Ensemble Method provides ISTA and professional theatre companies with the unique opportunity for artistic collaboration, development and growth.

We are excited this year to be working with Highly Sprung Performance who will be directing our Upper MS/HS Terezin Festival as well as offering an exciting Professional Development and Learning workshop for educators: Artistic Activism: Devising Physical Theatre about Environmental Change in April 2023.

Interested in collaborating? Get in touch with us!

Migration, Displacement and Home; a new area of ISTA’s work

ISTA is embarking on an important new area of our work. For the next three years, alongside our other work, we will be developing a series of projects, programmes, events and resources related to the themes of ‘Migration, Displacement and Home.’ We believe this is not only one of the most significant issues of our time but one that is also of great relevance to the international school community. To launch this, we are thrilled to announce that we will be beginning a long-term partnership with Amala, working over the next three years with refugee and displaced young people in Amman, Jordan. This will also provide opportunities for teacher professional development as well as experiences for international school students.

Deep Dives

From June this year we will be launching our ‘Deep Dive’ series of events. ‘Deep Dives’ are 2-3 day opportunities for educators, artists and/or students to delve deeply into a particular, focussed area of theatre. Led by experts and in collaboration with specialist organisations these experiences will offer new insights and a deeper understanding of key areas of interest. A chance to develop your skills, programmes and knowledge of global theatre. Look out for the launch of some exciting new events.