The Year Ahead for ISTA

1 June 2024

New Initiatives and Priorities for 2024-2025

ISTA is excited to share some significant developments planned for this year. These initiatives stem from collaborative efforts with our community members to explore new opportunities. We extend our gratitude to everyone who completed our recent survey; your feedback has been instrumental in shaping these plans. This year promises to be filled with collaboration, connection, creativity, and impactful educational experiences.

Expanding and Enhancing our Membership Offers, Benefits and Resources

To broaden our reach, we are launching a new association membership model designed especially for groups of schools. This model includes a tiered payment structure to accommodate varying sizes of school associations and to support them in the creation of exciting opportunities for their learners. If you are interested in learning more about our association membership offer, please contact

Added benefits and resources

We are delighted to announce the creation of a new ISTA membership hub—a dedicated online space for collaboration and access to our members-only materials and resources. This hub, which will continue to grow and evolve over the coming 18 months, is designed to enhance your ISTA membership experience by providing:

Collaboration and Networking: Connect with fellow members through forums and events.

Exclusive Content: Access our library of resources and participate in webinars and round-table discussions.

Latest Updates: Stay informed with member news, events, and important announcements.

Professional Development: Participate in online courses and be the first to learn about our forthcoming workshops, trainings and events. 

We believe this membership hub will greatly enhance the value of your membership. Stay tuned for more information and the launch date. 

New Educator Events and PD&L Studios

Starting this year, we will launch a range of new educator events, including film workshops and a range of new Professional Development and Learning (PD&L) studios for arts educators. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Virtual Events:

Unpacking the IB DP Theatre Subject Report: Gain insights into the IB’s subject report and improve assessment preparations.

MYP Theatre e-portfolio: Learn effective strategies for approaching the partially completed planner assessment.

Face-to-Face Studio Events:

Theatre Production Elements in Practice: Delve into various practical approaches to teaching theatre production.

Exploring World Theatre Traditions in Practice: Discover new and innovative ways to confidently lead your students through a practical exploration of a range of world theatre traditions.

Directing Collaborative Musical Theatre Workshop: Explore exciting and innovative approaches to directing large ensemble musical theatre scenes and expand your own repertoire of performance and directorial skills.

New Learner Events

We are introducing new learner events to enhance student engagement and expand opportunities for learners to experience our innovative curriculum-focused offerings. These include:

TAPS Ignite

An alternative TAPS event designed for DP & pre-DP theatre students to spark their curiosity and passion for theatre, while honing collaborative performance skills.

FRAME Ignite

An immersive three-day experience for film students, featuring workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects.

Online Course Creation

Our commitment to offering comprehensive educational experiences includes the development of high-quality online courses, available on-demand through the ISTA Store, allowing members to engage in learning at their convenience.

On-Demand Online Course Titles will include:

Using ISTA’s Theatre Theorist Cards in Your Classroom: Explore practical applications of Theatre Theorist Cards.

The Concept-Based Theatre Curriculum: Implement concept-based learning in theatre education.

Researching World Theatre Traditions Through the Body: Investigate global theatre traditions through practical methods.

Shifting Scene: Embracing Change and Celebrating Global Theatre Pedagogy

As we publish the final issue of Scene in its current format, we celebrate 20 years of documenting ISTA’s journey. Starting in November 2024, Scene will become a biannual magazine focusing on global theatre pedagogy and international arts education. This transition aligns with our strategy to provide timely updates and foster interactive engagement through enhanced digital platforms, keeping our community well-connected and informed. While our website blog and newsletters will continue to communicate ISTA updates, Scene will become a standalone resource spotlighting global trends in arts pedagogy and professional arts developments. Look out for our first issue in November. 

Launch of ISTA’s New Website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ISTA’s new website in the coming months. This updated platform will feature a revised navigation experience for all of our stakeholders, and make for a more engaging and compelling visit. We are also expanding the ISTA Store, offering high-quality arts education resources to support your teaching and learning. There may be some minor turbulence during the transition from the old site to the new one, but we will keep you updated on the release.

Stay tuned for more updates and details on these exciting initiatives!