Transforming Scene Magazine

4 July 2024

Embracing Change and Celebrating Global Theatre Pedagogy

As we turn the page on an exciting chapter of Scene, it is with a spirit of both reflection and anticipation that we announce a transformative evolution in our beloved publication. Over the past twenty years, Scene has diligently chronicled the growth and development of ISTA, and captured the dynamic work of our community and innovations in the world of international theatre education. The publication has served as a trusted companion and as a platform for our vibrant community of educators.

This final issue of the current format of Scene distributed last month marks the culmination of a two-year cycle dedicated to exploring ISTA’s four foundational strands:

  • Theatre in the world
  • The world of theatre
  • Exploring the world through theatre
  • Developing as responsible global citizen-activists

Each edition has sought to embrace a variety of pedagogical approaches, showcase innovative research, and reflect the communal spirit that unites us in the field of international theatre education. We would like to express our deep gratitude to our dedicated contributors who have generously shared their time, experience, and expertise to enrich, enlighten, and entertain our members.

As with all great things, change is both inevitable and vital. Guided by your invaluable feedback from our April community engagement survey, ISTA’s strategic development goals, and the dynamic evolution of arts education, we are excited to announce a transformative new direction for Scene.

Commencing in November 2024, Scene will transition to a new biannual magazine format that focuses intensively on global theatre pedagogy, international arts education and evolving theatre practices worldwide. We envision Scene Magazine as an essential resource for theatre educators and arts learners alike, showcasing the dynamic world of international arts education through the perspectives of both global arts educators and internationally-minded learners.

It will serve as a platform for emerging, diverse, and innovative voices in the global arts community. We are confident that Scene Magazine will continue to provide substantial value to our members as a leading publication dedicated to theatre and arts pedagogy and international research.

This move reflects a strategic shift in how we share ISTA community news, updates, announcements, and celebrations, transitioning from traditional magazine updates to our enhanced digital platforms. These platforms will host timely updates and foster interactive engagement across our network of member schools, ensuring our community remains well-connected and informed.

As Scene Magazine delves deeper into global theatre practice and pedagogy, we are reimagining our website blog as the central hub for all ISTA-related news, developments, celebrations, and stories. We invite each of you to join us on this exciting new journey. Whether it’s contributing blog articles, sharing resources, top tips, or your invaluable experiences and insights, your voice is crucial to the vibrant tapestry of our blog. Our aim is to create a platform that informs, inspires, challenges, and celebrates the diverse voices within our community.

As we released the final version of Scene in its current format in June, we reflect on the journey with gratitude for your readership and look forward with excitement to the new possibilities that lie ahead.

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