We wanted support in our teaching… and ISTA delivered

8 December 2022

As a break in the school year fast approaches, you may already be looking ahead to a fresh take on 2023. ISTA’s here to help every step of the way, whether you are looking to enhance your lessons or develop your own professional learning plan.

Artist in Residence (AiR)

AiRs are designed to fit a teacher’s needs and goals. They act as an enhancement to student learning bringing knowledge, experience and expertise that benefits any classroom across age groups and curriculums.

Take a look at some examples of what others have approached us with and what ISTA was able to provide.

We wanted…

A versatile ISTA artist to join us at our school-wide Arts Festival who could provide workshops across age groups (primary, middle and high school), offer PD for teachers and also perform a solo performance. 

ISTA gave us…

Exactly that! The artist that they provided us with checked all of our boxes. From running workshops with students throughout the day, to inspiring our teachers on topics about the Power of the Arts which all tied into our theme of #artsiseverywhere. The ISTA artist complemented the work of our other local artists and provided something unique and exciting for everyone to enjoy.

We wanted…

Multiple workshops (24 in total!) introducing a range of theatre skills, approaches, and world theatre traditions to students in both middle and high school.

ISTA gave us…

Workshops in Clowning, Kabuki, Kathakali, Physical Theatre (DV8/Gecko’s approaches to collaborative theatre creation), Theatre of the Oppressed and Verbatim theatre delivered virtually by artists located around the globe. Students not only had the opportunity to explore a variety of different techniques, but they also had the opportunity to work with professional artists who practice their art forms on an international level.

We wanted…

A series of workshop sessions for IGCSE Drama students in Year 1 that explore the process of devising. 

ISTA gave us…

Four 2-hour workshops with an experienced artist specialising in devising that explored:

• Starting points and the process of creating ideas. 

• Creative tools to explore devising.

• Creating key moments in the play and finding creative ways to develop them on stage. 

• Structuring and creatively presenting their moments. 


ISTA mentoring is a programme that matches individuals with mentors who can support and help them develop in a chosen area. This supports both professional development and personal growth.

ISTA Mentoring works on a more personal and one-to-one level. It provides experienced and professional specialist mentors from a range of diverse fields of knowledge. Our mentors offer their skills and perspectives to those who require an individual and more focused approach to their professional development and growth.

I wanted…

A boost in my confidence in my abilities as an IB DP Theatre teacher. My students received unexpectedly disappointing marks so I wanted to gain a better understanding of the exam criteria and feel confident that I was guiding my students in the right direction.

ISTA gave me…

A mentor who could meet with me over a longer period of time to support me when I needed it at the various stages of the assessment tasks. Specifically, we discussed approaches and understanding for the Research Presentation, the Collaborative Project, and the Solo Theatre Piece.

I wanted…

A check-in on my understanding. I was taking over an IB DP Theatre class mid-way through the school year and wanted to get a more solid foundation for best approaches when picking up where someone else left off.

ISTA gave me…

A mentor who could make helpful suggestions that were useful to both me and my students. I felt more comfortable and confident after my sessions with a strategy for transition for taking over the course.

I wanted…

Strategies for integrating two different curricular programmes together into one (IGCSE and IB). I am required to teach them both at the same time but not confident about how to best make it all fit together.

ISTA gave me…

A mentor who had experience marrying the two programmes together. It was great to be able to hear from someone who had a similar experience and was knowledgeable about both to help guide me to develop my programme with confidence.

Looking for more ideas? Why not…

• Kick-start your production process with an expert in a specific theatre skill you want to highlight.

• Consider festival locations and add an AiR experience! Take advantage of artists on the move and cut down travel costs.

• Revamp your curriculum by working with an experienced educator.

• Prepare your students for exams/assessments with support for scripted work or staging playtexts.

• Develop collaborative theatre-making skills

• Build a creative week without walls programme

• Or get an added boost of confidence from someone you can trust to guide you in the right direction.

Or maybe something else entirely! Drop us an email and we’ll set up a time to chat through your needs and goals for a fantastic year ahead.

Let’s make 2023 your best year yet!