Our Governance

Our board of trustees are:

Agustin David, Chair

Building on a lifelong passion for education and high-impact experience in multiple sectors, I thrive on leading great teams with vision, leadership and creativity to craft breakthrough strategies and solutions. I am a dynamic senior executive who has driven significant transformation and lasting results in higher education.

For the last six years, I was the CEO/Chancellor and Board Chair of Universidad Kennedy in Argentina, an accredited private university with a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programmes delivered using residential and virtual formats. I earned a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University and an Executive MBA from Torcuato di Tella University in Argentina.

My involvement with ISTA dates back to my time as a high school student at the Vienna International School, Austria, where I developed a passion for theatre. Through my participation, I learned the importance of teamwork, communication, diversity and hard work. Today ISTA’s values are at the centre of my character, and I hope to share with students, parents and teachers the magic we call ISTA.


Liane Campbell – Vice Chair

Originally from Perth, Australia, I graduated with a BEd in Theatre then later completed a Grad. Dip. of Business. I have had a fortunate life, travelling the world juggling my careers of drama education and business development and marketing. I taught IB MYP and DP Theatre in Australasia for 18 years before taking a new turn as a freelance director and owner of a boutique lodge in New Zealand.

As a teacher, I strive to take my students on a journey of discovery, broadening their understanding of theatre, cultures, traditions, disciplines, rituals and stories to develop empathy and appreciate diversity in a global context. In my executive capacity, my current role of Executive Director of Raetihi Holdings Ltd and previously, Director of Theatre Arts at PLC Perth, were both particularly rewarding. My leadership skills of building synergistic teams was fostered and rewarded with significant growth and success in both industries.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worn many leadership ‘hats’ in the ISTA world as an ISTA Rep, creative director, artist, host, workshop leader and business consultant. ISTA makes up an important part of who I am, including my shared values with its mission to develop internationally minded, collaborative and culturally literate young people and educators. I am deeply honoured to be joining the board of trustees as vice-chair, and plan to utilise my combination of business and theatre knowledge and skills to collaboratively contribute to ISTA’s future strategic growth and development.


Jillian Campana

I am a Professor and Director of the Theatre programme at the American University in Cairo and Director of the Graduate Programme in Integrated Arts Education at the University of Montana. I studied Acting at California Institute of the Arts, Performance Studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and earned a Ph.D. in Theatre for Social Justice.

I lead Theatre and Performance workshops all over the world, founded a theatre company in India, studied extensively with Augusto Boal and have created multiple drama programmes for survivors of trauma including a programme for women who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry and a programme at a rehabilitation institute in Scandinavia for survivors of brain injury.

Honoured at the John F. Kennedy Center for my work directing at the collegiate level, I regularly publish my research and have a new book coming out with Routledge in spring 2020: Western Theatre in Global Contexts. I am also a director, actor, voice over artist and playwright and have been involved with ISTA since 1993.


Christina Decu

I always had a strong passion for the performing arts and music but decided not to pursue a career as an opera singer but went into the travel industry instead. Following my heart to China I worked many years in the finance industry. Once my children were born, I looked more in depth at the different education systems and possibilities and naturally shifted my career into the field of international education.

I started to work extensively with ISTA with the opening of their first Academy in Shanghai and have not only seen my own son being inspired through the workshops but having seen the sparkle it created within hundreds of students from many different backgrounds.
I am very honoured to join the board of trustees and look forward to bringing my diverse background to this group of passionate and professional leaders of their respective fields in order to support this wonderful organisation.


Anne Drouet

Hailing from Stratford upon Avon I graduated with a BSc Hons in Music from City University, London with piano performance at the London Guildhall School of Music. Currently I am the Director of Performing Arts at the Western International School of Shanghai. In my twenty plus years of teaching I have had the fortune of working with some amazing talents.

As a freelance composer and musician, my clients have included Weinstein Film and the International Labour Organisation. As a teacher, I believe in the responsibility to be a ‘memory maker’. To this end, my students have attended master classes with industry professionals and performed at various international world stage events.

I am the founding Executive Director of the ISTA Performing Arts Academy in Shanghai, ISTA’s first permanent academy. Whether as an artist, Rep or AD I am ultimately inspired by a love of collaboration and learning from others. I am deeply honoured to be on the board of trustees and look forward to being a part of ISTA’s next exciting chapter.


Rob Warren

Hailing from the United Kingdom, I started my theatre education as an IBDP Theatre student in Frankfurt, Germany. I graduated with a BA in Theatre and Art from DePauw University, United States. As a university student I was inspired by the words of Eugen Herrigel in his book Zen and the Art of Archery. This helped shape my future as a theatre practitioner and educator by giving me the courage to begin my study into Bunraku puppetry at the National Bunraku Theatre in Japan. A practice which I have continued to study throughout my career as an international theatre educator.

Currently, I am in my twenty-first year of teaching at the Atlanta International School as the Director of the Arts K-12. I work to empower students and faculty to use the arts in courageous leaders who will shape their world for the better. I value the joy of learning and purposeful effort, in a mutually respectful inclusive intercultural community. I am actively involved in the integration of our STEAM programme, Design-Based Thinking, the development of interdisciplinary units and project-based learning while fostering educational partnerships.

I continue to be actively involved in teaching both DP and MYP Theatre & Film. I am a Principal Examiner for the IBO and I currently sit on the review committee for the development of the new IBDP Theatre course. I have been actively involved with ISTA since 2003 as a teacher workshop leader, student ensemble leader and artistic director and I am deeply honoured to be joining the board of trustees to help move ISTA forward.


When I return from an ISTA event I feel rejuvenated. The energy and ideas of the brilliant students, the selflessness and imagination of the teachers and the resourcefulness and vision of the artistic and organisational staff all collide to create a perfect storm of theatre making—one that I am eager to learn from and honoured to be a part of.

Jillian Campana, member of the board of trustees