Our History

Our history is as rich as it is diverse, our present is one alive with energy and excitement and our future is always bright!

We are a registered charity based in the United Kingdom working globally.

We began with one high school festival in 1978 and our practice is informed by over 40 years of experience.We are the global workshop provider for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Theatre.We have a membership in excess of 250 teachers, schools and organisations.

We work with 150 freelance artists hired for their excellence in theatre practice, classroom management and international mindedness.

We produce over 60 events every year and we want to grow to do even more!

We were able to meet and socialise with people from totally different backgrounds. It made the experience much more remarkable and unforgettable – it became much more varied and unique. It allowed me to understand, take and see things from a different perspective, and not stress out about everything so much. Instead, it reassured me that it wasn’t impossible.

Student at New York TaPS, October 2013