Our Team

We have a core team who make ISTA tick. Based all around the world, these lovely people will often be your first point of contact and your ‘go-to’ with any questions.

They are always on hand to help and make sure your ISTA experience is the best it can possibly be. 

For specific enquiries, you can contact:

Sally Robertson – Executive Director (Perth, WA, Australia)
Email for programming…or just to say hello

Ian Pike – Assistant Executive Director (Lymm, Cheshire, United Kingdom)
Email for IB workshops, TaPS, artist issues…as well as how to become a successful marathon runner

Jo Parish – Finance Director (Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom)
Email for anything to do with money matters (accounts, payments, invoices, etc etc)…k-ching (£££), k-ching ($$$)

Tom Scott – Senior Producer, AiR Coordinator and Safety Manager (Falmouth, United Kingdom)
Email for HS festivals, AiR programme and any issues concerning managing risk…not to mention any ‘Rough Guide’ travel advice and unlocking the world of aviation

Emmy Abrahamson – Executive Assistant (Loderup, Sweden)
Email for Scene, Behind the Scenes, artist issues…and any advice on becoming a successful international author

Keriann O’Rourke – Event Coordinator, Social Media and IT Coordinator (Singapore)
Email for events in Singapore, MS and PS festivals and all social media/IT issues…as well as boxing tips