Our Team

We have a core team who makes ISTA tick. Based all around the world, these lovely people will often be your first point of contact and your ‘go-to’ with any questions.

They are always on hand to help and make sure your ISTA experience is the best it can possibly be.

For specific inquiries, you can contact:

Tom Scott

Officer-in-Charge (Falmouth, United Kingdom)


Email Tom for events and event programming, IB and any issues concerning managing risk or health and safety.

I live in Falmouth, United Kingdom with my partner Logan and Working Cocker Spaniel, Leo. My background is in local government and adult education but I’m also a qualified life coach. I’m in my 8th year working for ISTA full time and I love it.

I am currently Officer-in-Charge. However in my role as Operations Manager I’m responsible for the successful programming, production and quality of all ISTA events. As well as this I’m also responsible for programming, risk management and Health & Safety and all our work with the International Baccalaureate.


Helen Abbott

Event Coordinator, Artist in Residency (AiR) Coordinator (Belfast, United Kingdom)
Email for events and Artist in Residency (AiR).

I studied a BA in Acting at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and an MA in Shakespeare and Theatre, and am now a theatre director and practitioner. I also work on new scripts as a dramaturg. I was the 2017 recipient of the John Fernald Award which led to my role as AD for Persuasion at the Royal Exchange Theatre and in 2018 I co-founded the theatre company Light Bulbs in Soil.

My role as Event and AiR Coordinator for ISTA means I work closely with both teachers and artists. I help to produce a variety of events and make sure hosts, artists and participants feel happy, confident and supported throughout. I also work as an artist for ISTA and often draw upon my experience here to help shape and guide the events we put together.


Bev Brian

Administration Assistant (Helston, United Kingdom)
Email for finances, payments and queries regarding mailing out ISTA t-shirts and publications etc.

I went down an accountancy route after leaving college, studying business, and eventually became an accounting technician working in local government and the NHS. A huge change in direction and family circumstances in 2007 led to discovering that I enjoyed supporting primary school pupils and I trained to become a learning support assistant.

My role with ISTA right now is in the day to day finance operations including payments to suppliers (i.e. our ISTA artists) and invoices to purchasers (i.e. schools and teachers) plus dispatching purchases from the ISTA Shop.


Vicki Close

Engagement Coordinator (Prague, Czech Republic)
Email for membership, engagement and programming.

After four years of teaching at my hometown high school in Canada, I felt the need for a little adventure. A two-year leave of absence to teach in Bahrain turned into 22 years (and counting) of international school adventures in Norway, Thailand and The Philippines. I currently call Prague home.

My main focus is supporting membership and ensuring all are taking advantage of all of the wonderful resources and benefits that ISTA offers. I also manage the membership database and contact lists. I am excited about establishing “neighbourhoods” so our members can connect with others in their regions. Another wonderful aspect of my job is working as a Rep and student ensemble leader.


Sophie Galton

Event Coordinator, Artist in Residency (AiR) Coordinator (London, United Kingdom)
Email for events and Artist in Residency (AiR).

I have a BA in Theatre Acting and PGCE in Drama. I have taught in schools in the United Kingdom and internationally but for the past three years I have worked on the ISTA team. I live in London with my family.

My role as Event and AiR Coordinator for ISTA allows me to work closely with schools and teachers supporting them and creating events that provide outstanding experiences for their students. I love working with a variety of artists, connecting them with schools and festivals and creating unforgettable ISTA moments. I also work as an artist for ISTA and always come away from an ISTA event inspired.


Keriann O’Rourke

Communications Coordinator, Event Coordinator (London, Ontario, Canada)
Email for events and all things ISTA communication.

I am a Canadian who has recently repatriated after 16 years living in Singapore back to the Great White North. I have worked in education as a Kindergarten teacher as well as a drama and dance middle school specialist. I am a proud member of the ISTA team and work as an event coordinator as well as the communications coordinator.

These roles allow me the opportunity to regularly connect with the ISTA community. As an event coordinator I work directly with hosts, participants, artists and visiting schools to ensure that their event experience runs smoothly. As the communications coordinator I organise social media and make connections with our followers. I enjoy the creativity and insight into the ISTA experience that both roles provide.


Email for accounts, payments and invoices etc.