The ISTA festival – a history drawn from memory

August 19

The founding principles of ISTA were developed to bring together international school teachers from different geographic locations who were working in isolation and to provide young people with a much needed antidote to competitive theatre festivals...

ISTA IB workshops

August 19

Looking back over the years that I have been leading IB workshops, it’s the people that make the experience worthwhile. Seeing the participants having lots of fun, engaging in detailed discussion about pedagogy, about ideas or that light bulb...

Reflections from an artist

August 19

I don’t remember getting paid 50 quid a festival, as Ian Pike does… in fact I don’t remember money ever being a part of the conversation around being asked to be an ISTA artist. The word ‘artist’ stuck in my head first. I was a bit of a...

ISTA Connect festivals: Where do we go from here?

August 19

ISTA Connect festivals: Bangkok, Cambodia, India, America, Philippines – to name a few. I want to highlight two of them as standouts because they can act as blueprints for future ‘Connects’. First, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It did everything...

AiR gives you wings

August 19

ISTA AiRs have become one of the highlights of my work in recent years, mainly due to the collaborations and developments which have occurred as a result of strengthening relationships between myself and the teachers and schools involved. The...


August 13

‘Teachers are the spark they need. But teachers need their own spark.’ Yvette Jackson, The Pedagogy of Confidence As teachers we spend a great deal of time letting our students know about opportunities to get involved in local workshops,...