Exploring the world through theatre – September 2023

October 24

      We are honoured to bring you this special issue of Scene focusing on Exploring the world through theatre through the prism of the incredible and inspirational work of Dinos Aristidou. While at times incredibly...


The Global Learner – June 2023

June 27

    As we near the summer break, here is the last Scene issue of the 2022-2023 academic year. Over the last year we have brought together such a wide and diverse collection of writing and this issue is no different. Exploring the...


The world of theatre – March 2023

March 20

          We’re delighted to bring you March’s issue of Scene focusing on the world of theatre and its related arts. In this issue we delve into the world of contemporary theatre, its development and...


Theatre in the world – December 2022

December 12

      We are thrilled to bring you December's issue of Scene focusing on Theatre in the world. This issue explores theatre practices and traditions from around the world, the range of cultural approaches to the arts and...


Exploring the world through theatre – September 2022

October 7

    After a challenging but hugely rewarding process of redefining and redesigning Scene our September issue is ready to go out into the world! Our aim is to provide our members, and the wider theatre community, with a resource...


The drama journal: ‘The breathings of your heart’

June 30

This issue offers practical tips and advice on journaling, from starting early and weaving reflection into the primary years to returning to physical journals over digital with high school students. Explore: • reflections on personal journaling...