11 brilliant ways to get the most out of an AiR

by Leanne Fulcher | 2 April 2020 | Posted in: Inspiration

Living in Singapore I’m really lucky about how many ISTA artists and teachers I get to interact with on a regular basis. The other day at a social event someone asked me how I’ve used guest artists in the past to enhance the work I do in my own classroom and stage. As I began to list off the different ways I soon realised that over the course of my 16 years as a part of ISTA I’ve had the opportunity to really play with many different formats. Hopefully some of the tips and tricks I share below inspire other teachers to try something new and develop new ways of integrating guest artist work when bringing in an ISTA Artist in Residence (AiR).

1. The best PD
Many of us Drama teachers are departments of one. Bringing in guest artists through the ISTA AiR programme is not only a breath of fresh air for the students but also for myself as an educator. While some teachers take the opportunity to let someone else run their lessons for a day, I believe that having another creative person in the room is a gift and I like to participate as much as possible, right along with my students. Not only does it give me the best PD experience to learn from the artist firsthand but it also allows me to share moments with my students and model for them that creative learning never stops – even when you become a teacher. I often learn so much from having those moments of watching my students in a way that I don’t often get to see when I am busy teaching.

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