5 heads of schools

by ISTA | 1 May 2017

The ISTA learning experience is formative and transformative.

Chris Bowman

My first experience of ISTA coincided with my joining the International School of Luxembourg – a school which I soon learned already enjoyed a long and productive relationship with ISTA over the years. And what a wonderful relationship and creative community I discovered. It was actually a copy of Scene which first drew my attention to ISTA with all the brilliant, creative projects, productions and people proudly displayed within its pages. Little wonder that this exuberant and full-of-life magazine is in its fifteenth year of production and here we are celebrating its 55th issue. Congratulations!

I subsequently became aware of the beating heart of the organisation itself when our school’s theatrical guru Mike West put forward a request to have our drama students and teachers join with theatre students, teachers and experts from other international schools from far and wide in what, naturally, turned out to be a wonderful learning and performing experience for all concerned. The next step, of course, was to host our own event at ISL with a marvellous group of students and teachers joining us on our own turf for days of outstanding learning, performance, talent showcasing, companionship and fun. I was totally sold. Such an enriching experience for young people and such impressive displays of talent, confidence and full-blooded enjoyment. And not just the kids.

Over the years I continued to be impressed and delighted with the opportunities ISTA provided for our students; not only allowing them to explore, grow and show their considerable and varied talents but to encourage and enable them to develop such a powerful and crucial range of transferrable life skills: self-confidence, self-discipline, time management, listening skills, following instructions, teamwork and development of clear speech and diction.

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