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by ISTA | 1 May 2017

The ISTA experience is a thought-provoking, memorable, engaging part of a young theatre students’ training.

Isn’t everything ISTA does, a highlight?
By Jennifer Kular

From 1995-2004 I taught with our cherished Alenka at the American School in Budapest. From 2004 to present, I have been challenged and wowed at the American School of The Hague. I believe I have never seen a student return from an ISTA event having had a bad experience. Whether it was with the dramatically captivating Ted Miltenberger in the south of France, the visually expressive Bill Bowers in London, a historic castle in Denmark or a wild safari in Tanzania, students are given the BEST influences and stimuli to inspire their work.

Students return from ISTA events bursting with energy and ready to apply what they learned from their weekend of collaboration and theatre-making. And while I am not a theatre teacher, I have had the privilege of attending several festivals to understand how it all comes together. What I do teach is visual art at the high school and IB level. One of the units I often start with is photography and using the Rule of Thirds so kids learn how to set up a composition. Foreground, middleground, background; depth of field; space; light and dark; perspective. All of these come into play when we set up a visual composition. I saw precisely this happen, in 3D, at a recent TaPS in London.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of Bill Bowers’ master classes. Students I brought had seen Bill’s performance in The Hague, participated in his workshop at our school and were excited to work with him again.

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