5 milestones

by ISTA | 1 May 2017

when we do group Skypes sometimes there are eight of us, all arranged in neat little boxes on the screen

Jo Doidge on the beginning of Scene
I had to search through my old archives to find out how long my association with ISTA has been, trouble is they only go back as far as 2004 and I know it’s been much longer so I’m guessing early noughties. Nevertheless it’s been a relationship that has developed over the years to one of mutual respect and understanding.

When I met Sally for the first time I could tell that she was going to be a really easy-going client, not easy to find in this business I can tell you. I remember the first edition of Scene that I worked on when I had to pick up from where another designer had started (this is a pet hate of a graphic designer) but over the years Sal has given me the artistic freedom and trust to design Scene, Behind the Scenes and other publications without question. I left that job over 10 years ago but Sal and ISTA and I have continued our work relationship; I have to juggle the work of my regular job, as a graphics lecturer at a local college, but everyone at ISTA are always so accommodating. It actually doesn’t feel like a job as I get to put into practice all the stuff I teach my own students.

I hope that Sally doesn’t mind me saying this but for a few years when Scene came around, it was quite a chaotic process; Sal was always on the go and seemed to be spinning so many plates (in the time I’ve known her she moved to Australia, then back to Cornwall and then back to Australia) and then I had my son back in 2010 – it always felt like we got it to print by the skin of our teeth.

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