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by ISTA | 1 May 2017

5 oldest schools that are still members
American School of London
American School of Paris
Frankfurt International School
International School of Amsterdam
International School of Geneva – La Châtaigneraie

5 artists that have been with ISTA the longest
Mike Pasternak
Carla Weiss
Greg Pliska
Margie Duffield
Ian Pike

5 ISTA virtual offices
Australia – Sally Robertson in Perth
Jamaica – Jen Tickle in Kingston
Sweden – Emmy Abrahamson outside of Ystad
United Kingdom – Tom Scott in Helston
Singapore – Keriann O’Rourke in Singapore

5 ISTA presidents
Mike Pasternak
Dinos Aristidou
Ted Miltenberger
David Lightbody
Ian Pike

5 event firsts
First ever high school festival: International School of Brussels 1979-1980
First ever middle school festival: American School of Paris 1989-1990
First ever primary festival: ISG La Châtaigneraie 2001-2002
First ever TaPS: Atlanta International School 2001-2002
First ever IB workshop: Stratford upon Avon 1991-1992

5 Scene issues with the most amount of contributors
May 2017, Celebrating 15 years of Scene: 66 contributors
May 2015, What’s happening in schools?: 65 contributors
September 2013, ISTA stories: 58 contributors
January 2015, The artist toolbox: 51 contributors
March 2007, What’s happening in schools?: 45 contributors

5 festivals with the largest amount of students
Dulwich College Shanghai, MS festival, February 2011: 196 students
International School of Brussels, MS festival, March 1999: 192 students
British School New Delhi, MS festival, February 2008: 175 students
Munich International School, MS festival, March 2008: 145 students
Narrabundah College, HS festival, December 1994: 144 students

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