5 students

by ISTA | 1 May 2017

I remember vividly how all of our tired, jet-lagged eyes instantly turned awake at the first sight of snow.

One 9-11 year
Bailey Cherry from the Canadian International School of Hong Kong

When ISTA came to our school, I had such an enjoyable time. Every activity was fun and I got to make new friends with people I didn’t know that well before. ISTA grew my imagination and confidence. I specifically remember how much fun it was when we got to share what we had been learning with other students at the end of the week. To sum it all up, ISTA was an extremely pleasant experience that I’d love to do again.

One 11-15 year old
Kavin Kapoor from Singapore American School

Our group of 22 were sweating when we departed Singapore but freezing when we arrived in Moscow, Russia. It was a big leap for us to adjust from 29ºC to -16ºC. Regardless of the temperature, it was the warmth of the hospitality and culture that we were brought into which created the long-lasting memories we left with. Our school trip to the ISTA Moscow middle school festival was a learning experience of a lifetime. As young drama enthusiasts, we were immersed in Russian culture, drama workshops and fun activities which you wouldn’t be able to do in Singapore (cough cough: snowball fights).

I was thrilled to be one of the five lucky boys from 8th grade to be selected. I auditioned on 28th September 2015 which was pretty close to the start of school.

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