A warm ISTA welcome

29 November 2019 | Posted in: Behind the Scenes

As each year comes to a close we like to reflect on all the wonderful things that happen during that time and the changes and growth our ISTA community sees. In 2019 we welcomed many new members to our ISTA community across our different forms of membership. We were delighted to have 17 school members, 8 individual members and 11 artists join our community! Please join us in welcoming each of them and learn a bit about why some of them joined ISTA and what they look forward to most about being a part of it all.

New school members

Aloha College, Spain
Teachers: Nichola Longdon and Fraser Sharp
Why we joined ISTA: We were lucky enough to have a small cohort join a nearby ISTA festival here in Spain and I was blown away by the bubbling fusion of creativity and camaraderie among everybody there. Our students made lifelong friends and it was a genuinely impactful and formative experience for them. I couldn’t wait to have our school be part of that.

American International School Vietnam
Teachers: Julie Hartling and Naima Thompson

Amnuay Silpa Bilingual School, Thailand
Teacher: Anna Cousins

British International School of Budapest, Hungary
Teachers: Sarah James and Joanna Leech

British School Yangon, Myanmar
Teacher: Tim Coates

Erkan Ulu Okullan, Turkey
Teachers: Katheryn Yates and Funda Ulu

German School Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Teacher: Raphael Mayer
Why we joined ISTA: We recently became an ISTA member.

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