Page turners: Books from the ISTA community

1 October 2019 | Posted in: Behind the Scenes

If there is ever a constant in a theatre person’s life it is the search for great resources to use in classes, workshops or rehearsals. This month we share three fantastic books from our very own ISTA community that aim to support and inspire theatre makers and educators of all backgrounds.


Adventures in Theatre: The ISTA method
Authors: Multiple contributors from the ISTA community
Editor: Dinos Aristidou

Adventures in Theatre is an exciting collection of diverse teaching materials that illustrates the many ways in which the ISTA method can be adopted by educators and artists to engage children and young people in meaningful learning. It provides an introduction to the ISTA pedagogy at primary, middle and high school levels and how this informs the work of different artistic directors at ISTA festivals. Alongside this are a series of articles from respected and experienced practicing artists, academics and educators who employ the ISTA method in different ways and recognise its value in their approach to theatre teaching, to learning about theatre and to theatre making. This ranges from the presentation of international theatre pedagogy to advice on the creation and staging of theatre. A detailed guide to developing a curriculum provides practical steps, guiding teachers through the creation of a course which is suitable as a guide for curriculum planning in any system and setting. This is presented alongside a collection of units, schemes and projects aimed at different age groups and is designed by experienced and inspiring educators. These give clear instructions and are easy to use, providing teachers with ready-made plans to use, adapt or develop.

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