Blue Roo are Here

by Clark Crystal | 11 January 2019

Diversity is fantastic. It transports the unexpected and the non-generic to the stage.

Blue Roo are here in Queensland. We are not going anywhere except through exceptional theatrical journeys. In 2009 I founded this inclusive and diverse company following seven years as artistic director of Edinburgh’s seminal inclusive company, Lung Ha’s. Today Blue Roo creates contemporary performances led by the artistry, experiences and imaginations of an ensemble of artists with diverse ability and impairment.

Through unique artist collaborations they redefine theatrical genres. The personal and private investment of the artists ensures that the work connects with everyone and poetically engages in public, social and political discussions.

Diversity is fantastic. It transports the unexpected and the non-generic to the stage. It allows artists with autism, Down syndrome, spina bifida, cerebral palsy and schizophrenia to tell stories like no other. Blue Roo brings a raw natural gift of talent to the stage and the stage adores their presence. Our performers do not join us with formal training or perceived discrepancy as would the traditional trained actor from RADA or NIDA. Nor are they Lecoq or Gaulier trained. Blue Roo artists bring their passion to shine under the lights, carrying a unique quality of humanity, honesty and as storytellers create emotion to move an audience infinitely. A stutter can create a wonderful atmospheric playing tension. Can a speech impediment conjure magic in the theatre? Yes! Blue Roo do with extraordinary aplomb.

It requires 12 months to create a Blue Roo production whether it be a full company ensemble of 27 actors or the small scale touring ensemble of seven actors.

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