Coronavirus learning opportunities

by Adam Walker | 2 March 2020 | Posted in: Curriculum

Snow day! Snow day! Everyone loves a snow day, right?! Students get to play in the snow and drink hot chocolate with friends, teachers get to hide under the duvet and hit snooze for a couple more cozy hours. Perfection.

Well, in Hong Kong, we’re lacking in snow but we sometimes do get typhoon days where we hunker down and watch the drama occurring outside from the relative safety of our tiny apartments. In the beginning, the impending news of COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) felt like watching the storm blowing in. A few days off? Amazing! Students get some extra time with family, teachers get a chance to catch up on marking and prep. But very quickly, a few days turned into the very real possibility of weeks and then a confirmed month away from school.

For students, days playing with their friends became distant dreams as caution and concern flooded the city through a variety of social and news media. As a member of a very dynamic, collaborative and hardworking Arts team within a school that moves at a million miles a minute, I knew that the effective delivery of our engaging Arts programmes was going to be a challenge. Our students were going to be crammed into those tiny Hong Kong apartments rather than collaborating in Arts spaces.

Our school is already extremely well set up following our post CIS WASC accreditation mantra – ‘written curriculum is on ATLAS, assessed curriculum is on PowerSchool, taught currciulum is on Moodle’ – so over the past five years, we have been amassing and collecting documentation for effective teaching and knew where everything was linked and how to deliver it.

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