Devising: a smorgasbord

by Kristen Van Ginhoven | 1 April 2014

Devised Theatre can start from anything.

Kristen has recently worked with teacher candidates at the Queen’s University Faculty of Education in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She is a graduate of the programme (2002-2003) and this is her third time back post graduation, twice as an artist in residence and once as a teaching excellence fellow. She always offer a smorgasbord of workshops and this year, she was asked to focus on devising.

“What’s fun about including this in Scene, is that the workshop I came up with is a mix of ISTA workshops I’ve done in the past! So, it’s a very cool example of how we take what we learn from ISTA and put it into practice in our work as teaching artists elsewhere.”

So below is:
an overview of the workshop;
two handouts:
taken from a workbook given at an IB/ISTA workshop led by Dinos Aristidou – Curating your story;
taken from a textbook on Performance Spaces.
a final handout that came from Jess Thorpe’s workshop at the 2013 London TaPS.

Devised Theatre: IS Drama
Kristen van Ginhoven, Artist in Residence, January 2014

Materials: poster paper, markers, pens, coloured pencils, music player

Devising theatre from a stimulus

A stimulus can be anything; poem, short script, image, sculpture, theme, piece of music…. We used the following piece of music:

“I giorni” Ludovico Einaudi

What is devised theatre?
How is devised theatre different from other, more traditional types of theatre?

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