Diversity, equity and inclusion

by Malina Patel | 1 March 2021 | Posted in: Curriculum

Since early in 2020 we have been allocating resources to an ‘educate ourselves’ programme in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion. Educating ourselves as individuals as well as an organisation. This has included the formation of a working group, focussed PD&L workshops, research into new theatre traditions in an effort to decolonise the curriculum, a new Studio exploring theatre for social justice and an ongoing commitment to creating resources for you all.

In the works is a librarian project, a new resource pack for teachers including a range of stimuli for the theatre classroom and following on from our first two global challenges of Identity and Borders, barriers and boundaries, our global challenge for 2021-2022 will be focussed on a particular concept designed to explore concepts surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion.

Having produced our first DE&I resource list in September 2020 I’m delighted to bring you our 2nd list with more material to watch, read, listen to and use in your classroom.

Download it here: Diversity, equity and inclusion resources – #2 February 2021

And if you missed our first DE&I resource list, we are including it here for you again.

Download it here: Diversity, equity and inclusion resources #1 – September 2020

Malina Patel was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but has also lived in Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Ukraine and India, working as a drama teacher while exploring new places and fascinating cultures. She completed a BFA in Acting and a B.Ed in Drama and English, and then worked as a professional stage manager for various Canadian theatre companies before her international adventures began.

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