Do what you love … sort of

by Nikki Payne | 1 September 2014

Seven things they don’t tell you about doing what you love,

When I was a student we were told to: “Do what we love and the money will follow”. Do they still tell you that? I think they do. It’s a good motto that worked for me. In the creative world the money that follows might not be huge but personally, I own a home, a car and I pay my bills doing what I love. The advice is good, I’m just saying that there could be some more advice to follow that went missing somewhere.
Maybe I wouldn’t have listened to the advice to follow. I might have not been ready to hear it. Maybe you’re not ready to hear it. If that’s the case, please tuck this article away somewhere. So in ten or fifteen years from now you can pull it out if you need it. By that time I may still be some obscure Canadian comedian no one has heard of. That’s fine, because this article isn’t about how to succeed in your chosen field.

There’s a lot more people better qualified to tell you that. This is a reminder to help you keep a solid grasp on the excitement you feel for what you do today at those times when money, the dangling carrot called fame, bills, taxes, kids, pets, meetings and what you’re going to make for dinner tonight start chipping away at the love you have for what you do.

Okay, so here it is. Seven things they don’t tell you about doing what you love:

Sometimes what you love sucks
It does.

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