Ear to brain to mouth…

by Chris Craig | 1 May 2016

And all going well we never forget. Ear to mouth to brain forever…

I live in Scotland, I live in a flat. I can walk out of my flat and cross the road and find myself in Holyrood Park, not Hollywood.

As I walk into the park directly in front of me is an extinct volcano.

It’s called Arthur’s Seat. Why?

Nobody seems to know but there’s a story there.

On my right hand side I can see the Palace of Holyrood, famous for the stories about Mary Queen of Scots. They’ve written books and plays and made films about her.

Further down the road is a Cairn (a pile of stones). It’s in memory of Nichol Muschat’s wife Mrs Muschat who was killed by her husband because he got bored of her. He was hung. His ghost still wanders the park.

As may the ghost of the wife of the German tourist who threw her off the Salisbury Crags (rocks) in order to claim the life insurance. Trouble was someone saw him do it.

King David the First used to hunt deer in the park; he shot a doe with an arrow just where the German tourist’s wife fell, it pierced her right through the heart.

I hope you’re still reading.

Scotland has many close links to Ireland. They are Celtic nations, their origins lie in the tribe called the Celts but they also have an indigenous nomadic people in common who are called tinkers but as that can be used as a derogatory term, they are also known as travelling people.

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