by Ian Pike | 14 January 2019

You will have to forgive me but you find me in a reminiscent mood as we kick off 2019 and this particular issue really does have so many personal connections for me.

I attended my first ISTA festival in 1993, just a couple of months after the birth of my oldest son Chris. Today I find myself reading his contribution for this fantastic Scene while I also prepare to work with him at a festival in a couple of months time. At this festival he will be leading an artist PD session on gender as well as exploring the world of relaxed performances with visiting teachers.

This is particularly exciting for me as it is very much though Chris’s expertise that I have developed a keener sense of inclusion and diversity and very much because of him that I have been helping to improve the ways in which ISTA works in these areas. I therefore am just so thrilled about this new digital issue of Scene and am confident that the content will be of huge interest to all.

As well as Chris writing about purposeful diversity and neatly mirroring my time with ISTA, we have so many other wonderful contributors, many of whom I have long working relationships with.

Georgia Munnion for instance, writes about her inspirational work with a special school in Stratford. Another personal highlight for me as Georgia has been so helpful as I strive to bring more disabled artists onto our pool.

Clark Crystal then writes about his work with Australian based theatre company, Blue Roo.

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