Experiencing our world through Theatre: An interdisciplinary exploration

by Samantha Ward | 30 January 2020 | Posted in: Curriculum

When I was three, I stood on the table at Thanksgiving dinner, grabbed a serving spoon and started singing Oklahoma from the musical of the same name. Needless to say, my passion was clear from the beginning. I ate, slept, dreamt and thought about nothing other than musical theatre until the age of 22 when, after graduating from university, my parents told me I had better earn some of my own cash before moving to the Big Apple. I fancied myself the star-to-be from Annie: ‘Three bucks, two bags, one me.’ But without three bucks to my name, I needed a plan.

So, I started interviewing for internship positions in international schools. I had always loved traveling and thought it would be a great way to earn some money and experience a different culture for a year. That was the beginning of my now eight year career in international teaching that has taken me to two different countries and a teaching certification in Drama from Grades 6 through 12.

Over the past few years, I have come to understand that not every kid finds their passion at age three. In fact, many of my students have a variety of interests and passions – so many that sometimes it can be confusing for them to hone in on what they really enjoy. I have also come to realise that not every kid is a theatre kid. Not everyone is a performer. But I do believe that performance skills are transferable, especially in a world that demands more collaboration and creativity than ever. In saying that I can certainly understand how this idea may be foreign, even intimidating, to other subject area teachers.

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