Five actors in a box (and how this came to be…)

by Helen Abbott and Carl Robinson | 30 January 2020 | Posted in: Inspiration

Light Bulbs In Soil is a theatre company based in Brussels. Founded in 2018 by Helen Abbott and Carl Robinson, Light Bulbs in Soil now includes eight Brussels based theatre makers. Together they explore questions, provocations and stories which intrigue them through devising, physical theatre and text. At its heart, this company is an ensemble of artists working collaboratively to share ideas and develop their practice. In an interview with Helen and Carl, we find out about how they met at an ISTA festival in Cairo and, while sat in front of The Great Pyramid of Giza, decided to embark together on setting up a theatre company back in Brussels.

How did Light Bulbs in Soil come about?

Carl: My practice as an artist began as a theatre maker in a collaborative company and when I moved into teaching I wanted to maintain that part of my practice. I had been looking for an opportunity to find like-minded individuals to collaborate with to create work for myself but also to support my professional development and as a model for my students to look up to.

Helen: In the last 10 years or so I have moved around a lot and found myself in Brussels feeling quite frustrated. Living in different places has given me so many opportunities and I have met some amazing people but, as a freelance artist, I was finding it hard to maintain my own work and was looking for something closer to home (I have two young children and going away for long projects was something I wanted to do less of).

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