by Ian Pike | 5 August 2019

A very happy birthday to us. 40 years is an incredible achievement and one which ISTA is celebrating in so many ways but a special, reflective issue of Scene looking back over the past four decades felt wholly appropriate.

In this issue one of our wonderful founders, honorary life member and past president Mike Pasternak looks back over our 40 year history, having been there at the birth and who is still very much a vital cog in the organisation’s wheels. And then in no particular order some of our truly inspirational teachers and artists through the years write so beautifully across a range of areas that ISTA is heavily involved in.

I cannot thank all our contributors enough. Like so many aspects of ISTA, these articles are given freely. As a favour and always graciously, without reward and done so generously of time and spirit in what I know are hugely busy schedules. They sum up the last 40 years. ISTA has grown so much. Under Sally Robertson’s magnificent leadership. With fantastic guidance from trustees past and present. With the most dedicated of full and part time staff holding the ship on course. With artists across the globe who continue to inspire. With member teachers providing the backbone of the organisation. And most of all the only true reason why we continue to do what we do so well – our amazing young people. But despite this growth ISTA was, is and always will be a family. And that is why we are both truly unique and successful. Like every family we have lost members along the way and this issue is dedicated to them.

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