High school productions

by ISTA | 1 May 2015

I will never attempt to spray-paint anything made of rubber, ever again.

ACS Hillingdon International School, United Kingdom – Alyssa Ballard

MACBETH: A TALE OF DARKNESS by Nelly E. Cuellar-Garcia

Cast: 7 male and 4 female plus an ensemble. It is an ensemble-heavy show which made it nice for our group. We had some females playing the males roles (such as a female Banquo and Fleance etc) and we needed some cast members who could play drums in the show. We chose to stage it in the round.

Duration of rehearsal: 1-2 rehearsals a week for 1½ hours plus an all day Saturday rehearsal and tech. The show is just under an hour long so two and a half months was adequate when our rehearsal opportunities were limited.

Process: We set our production in a post-apocalyptic future when Scotland has left the United Kingdom (the Scottish Referendum vote was going on at that time so it was topical). There is quite a bit of room for creativity with this production as there are movement sequences such as ensemble members becoming Macbeth’s conscience or Lady Macbeth’s mind for her sleepwalking scene etc. One of our IB Music students composed a soundtrack for our show as well that added extra intensity to the production. Because our show was performed immediately following the middle school production on the same evenings we had our crews made up of middle and high school students who worked on both productions. For our production of Macbeth students created kilts from black bin bags as well as other carrier bags and we added leather or military jackets as well.

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