If it’s going to be digital, it has to be meaningful and relevant

by Joshua Hatt | 1 January 2018

Roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Go ahead and get geeky…

It’s 2017 so our classrooms and learning labs should reflect this. But how? Drama is a practical class – we don’t spend a lot of time (if any) at desks. How can we make it a digital experience? Should we? As teachers, we’re expected and challenged to bring our classrooms into the 21st century through use of electronics and other digital means, especially as the trend towards a more technical educational experience gains more traction in the competitive international school market. Some disciplines lend themselves more closely with this growing trend while others don’t work as well – at first thought. Is that necessarily true?

If you’re like me, you might have been challenged with this growing trend. Sure, electronics, apps and other toys are fun and a novel way to grab a person’s attention but how do we use them in a meaningful way that will impact learning in a positive way rather than an expensive blip on your curriculum mapping? I worked at an international school in Dubai that demanded that the teachers embrace the 1:1 learning device in the classrooms that the school promised prospective families. Yikes. In my drama classrooms, we used cameras and other recording devices to capture student work and performances for later reflection but, outside of this, we really didn’t do much with technology. With administration breathing down my neck it was time to really look at what I do in the classroom and how it could be updated, digitally, to reflect these demands but to also impact student learning in a positive way.

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