Introducing ISTA alumni stories

by Katherine Sturt-Scobie and Tess Agus | 7 January 2020 | Posted in: Behind the Scenes

We are excited to be kicking off our latest series – ISTA Alumni stories – which will be a monthly addition to Digital Scene beginning in February! Each month we’ll highlight a former ISTA student, sharing an article about them – where they are now and how their experience with ISTA helped shape who they are today. It is a great way to stay connected with our community even after the events have ended. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the wonderful stories our Alumni have to share.

Katherine Sturt-Scobie – La Chataigneraie, International School of Geneva (2007 and 2010–2012)
Tess Agus – International School of Basel (2009–2013)


1. What ISTA events have you attended?

Katherine attended TaPS in 2011 (Year 12) in London – participating in a Commedia Dell’Arte workshop. She also helped build giant puppets for a festival and parade at the International School of Geneva for an ISTA event.

Tess liked it so much she went to the London TaPS twice, once in 2012 (Year 12) and again in 2013 (Year 13).

2. What was your most memorable experience from an ISTA event you attended? Why do you think you still remember your ISTA experience so vividly today?

Katherine’s most memorable experience in ISTA was being part of the giant puppet builders at an ISTA festival held at her school. Every day or so – between classes, during lunch breaks, after school – she and a few other IB Theatre students would go down to the workshop and work with their teacher Clair Archbold to get the puppets ready.

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