ISTA Alumni stories with Kira Alexi Smith

by Kira Alexi Smith | 2 March 2020 | Posted in: Alumni stories

Alumni school: Creative Secondary School, Hong Kong
ISTA Alumni events: Singapore TaPS 2013 and Hong Kong TaPS 2014

What are you doing now?
I graduated from Los Angeles College of Music with an AA in Music Composition and an emphasis in Songwriting. I am front woman, rhythm guitar player and sole songwriter of a local Los Angeles alternative rock band as well as band manager and social media manager. I am a part time instructor at a music academy and an in-home music instructor (voice, piano, guitar and ukulele). Check out my music video for my single Stolen from my EP Bliss here.

Tell us more about your ISTA experience…

Did your experience in the performing arts/ISTA inspire you to do what you are doing today? How?
Yes, definitely. Learning about theatre has helped me a lot with my songwriting. Devising theatre performances and synthesising all the aspects of theatre that I had learnt was like a much more elaborate way of writing a song. Being exposed to so many different types of theatre practices and practitioners fuelled my creativity.

What was your most memorable experience from an ISTA event?
Visiting Singapore for the weekend was very memorable for me. We were able to have workshops all day in a beautiful school with wonderful theatre facilities. We also spent every day learning about theatre styles as well as attending live theatre. That whole weekend is unforgettable for me and I was so happy to be able to be surrounded by a creative and supportive atmosphere of art and creativity.

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