ISTA alumni stories with Maksim (Max) Lezginov

by Maksim (Max) Lezginov | 30 April 2020 | Posted in: Alumni stories

Alumni school: Alexander Pushkin School, Russia
ISTA alumni events: Bahrain MS festival 2009, Istanbul MS festival 2010, Geneva MS festival 2011, Switzerland MS festival 2011 and Hong Kong HS festival 2014.

What are you doing now?
I started my own venture called Grandma Knows Best. We hire Bulgarian pensioners to produce traditional hand-made foods and crafts and reinvest our profits into life-development programmes for the elderly.

I am in my last semester at the American University in Bulgaria on my way to graduating with honours in Business Administration and Economics. I am still shopping for career opportunities but I am very happy as the future looks bright.

Tell us more about your ISTA experience…

Did your experience in the performing arts/ISTA inspire you to do what you are doing today? How?
The experience helped me become more artistic, creative and able to express my ideas in an engaging way, reducing the stage fear factor. ISTA certainly contributed to my personal development.

What was your most memorable experience from an ISTA event?
I was in a singing ensemble during the Hong Kong HS festival in 2014 with Matt Baker. The final performance song that we created was magical. I still remember the song, it went something like: ‘Connection, separation, exception, memories.

Why do you think you still remember your ISTA experience so vividly today?
The ISTA experience broke a lot of my personal boundaries as well as widened my perception of the world as I got exposed to many students from nations all over the world.

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