ISTA alumni stories with Michail Varvoglis

4 June 2020 | Posted in: Alumni stories

Alumni school: Pierce American College of Greece
ISTA alumni events: Brussels high school festival 2016, Frankfurt high school festival 2017 and Zurich high school festival 2018. I also helped organise last year’s high school festival in Athens where I had the best experience to close the ISTA chapter in my life (that is until I get a chance to reopen it again!).

Life after ISTA
I am a second year university student studying Programming and Telematics at the Harokopio University of Greece. I have worked as a club lightning designer for the past 3 years and also help the theatre team at the university. My goal is to become a full time programmer while exploring becoming a part-time or full time actor/director.

Did your experience in the performing arts/ISTA inspire you to do what you are doing today? 
ISTA was life changing for me. During my first festival in Brussels I was tasked with developing the lightning for the final performance and this when I fell in love with light designing and decided to pursue a career in lighting designing (as well as earning a bit of pocket money). During my time with ISTA I realised that I do not have to be afraid of anything and that no one will come and judge me for what I do. What I mean by that is that I can now perform without being afraid of people making fun of me – I dance without thinking that it is not the correct way to do it and I express myself the way I want to.

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