ISTA IB workshops

by Cath Rankin | 19 August 2019

Looking back over the years that I have been leading IB workshops, it’s the people that make the experience worthwhile. Seeing the participants having lots of fun, engaging in detailed discussion about pedagogy, about ideas or that light bulb moment when it all comes together.

I find IB workshops allow people to make connections outside of the classroom, which is especially important when you are the only Theatre teacher in the school or in that town.

The wonderful thing about ISTA working with the IB is the amount of support that ISTA gives you as a workshop leader in terms of outlines, ways of approaching the sessions, ideas and examples of other workbooks. I know workshop leaders in other subjects who are blown away by the amount of detail ISTA provides. It is not just the ISTA admin team, it is also other workshop leaders who are there to offer advice and ideas. A big shout out to Samantha Pierce for her support. I did a Cat 3 last year and not only did I have the guide and outline, I was able to touch base with Sally, Ian and Dinos to make sure I was delivering a quality IB workshop.

Each category is different. The first one is always the most nerve wracking but I was blessed to have the wonderful Dinos by my side as he led the Cat 1 and I had the Cat 2. Every time I am amazed by the great bunch of people that are there as well as the depth of experience.

The Cat 1’s are fun as you are introducing people to the guide and helping them understand the IB and the different assessment tasks.

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