ISTA magic from the eyes of an ISTA alumni

by Mathea Sobejana | 30 September 2020 | Posted in: Behind the Scenes

‘What I learned is that ISTA magic will change you in ways you will forever be grateful for. ISTA has instilled in me the importance and value of how the performing arts is a powerful platform, which essentially, has helped shape who I am today.’

These are the words that I used to share my thoughts on the @istaafterista Instagram post a few months ago because I owe a lot of who I am today to ISTA.

Ever since my first festival in 2016 I promised myself that no matter what my interests were, or what subjects I studied in school, I would take part in every ISTA event I possibly could. At my first festival I didn’t actually know what ISTA was or what I had gotten myself into. My teacher thought I would enjoy it and said that it would be good for me to sign up. Not only did I say ‘yes’ because I would be doing drama for four days in a row but also because that meant I would get to miss a bit of school too! When we first arrived at the event I was pleasantly surprised and quite thrilled to walk into a room full of students who were as dedicated and passionate about drama as I was. Day by day, a room full of kids that started out as strangers slowly melted into one ensemble. And by the end of it we were just one voice.

Since then I’ve been to six ISTA festivals and Academy events, and I can say that ISTA magic is the best kind of magic because at ISTA it is worked for and well deserved: after learning to trust strangers from the beginning, constantly giving 100% to everything and having to stay focused and disciplined from morning to afternoon.

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