Life imitating art: Low-prep drama project that kids love

by Hannah Northcott | 3 November 2020 | Posted in: Curriculum

This project wasn’t my idea. I wish it was but it was inspired by an Art-Recreation challenge reviewed by Kay Kelleher of the New York Times as the ‘only good Instagram challenge’ during quarantine.

Kelleher wrote:

At a time when museums are closed, galleries have shuttered and art education has largely moved online, these images have formed a living archive of creativity in isolation.

Read the New York Times article here.

Inspired by some of the ideas shared by educators in the Theatre Education Distance Learning Facebook Group, I gave this project as one of the options in the Choose Your Own Drama Project for the middle school drama students at the International School of Beijing. The kids loved it saying that it gave them voice, choice and a creative fun challenge when most of them were living through a difficult lockdown situation either in Beijing or wherever their family was during Covid-19.

A major plus in this project was that it gave each student – including those who needed learning support – a chance to feel successful in e-learning. Hopefully by the time this article is published, the world would have returned to some sense of normalcy but if it hasn’t, this project could work for either a face-to-face classroom or for e-learning. The reason you don’t have to prep much is because I already did it for you! Check out the project plan below and feel free to use, adapt or modify the ideas for your class.

If you’re looking for more e-learning ideas, check out my other article The Top Five Engaging E-learning Lessons for Middle School Students that you can also adapt for the age group that you teach.

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