Life, love and longing in the time of Covid

by Greg Pliska, Jess Thorpe and Shane Jones | 1 March 2021 | Posted in: Behind the Scenes

For March’s Behind the Scenes we got three freelance ISTA artists together to talk about what life has been like for them since the pandemic started. We welcome you to a wonderful podcast with Greg Pliska (US), Jess Thorpe (UK) and Shane Jones (Australia) when they talk about working from home, the importance of having supportive partners and the importance of resilience.


Greg Pliska is a composer, music director and sound designer for theatre, film, television and more. You may have heard his work playing before every showing in IMAX theatres worldwide, or on Broadway in the plays Sylvia (composer) and War Horse (MD) or on the Discovery TV series Life. He thrives on collaboration and he feels he is at his best when trading ideas with other creative artists. The arts are about transformation – we transform each other when we create together, we transform the space when we create in it and we transform the audience when we share our work with them. Greg has extensive experience in arts education as workshop leader and faculty member in the United States (Met Opera, NY Phil, NYU, Williams College). He has been involved with ISTA since MDing the Traveling Troupe in 1986 and have been CD, SEL or Rep for countless festivals and TaPS since.

Jess Thorpe is an Associate Director of Dundee Rep theatre and Scottish Dance Theatre and co-artistic director of her own award winning theatre company Glass Performance.

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