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by Pete Harris Lindop, Adam Garrett, Becci and Chuck McDaniel, Theresa Chapman and Timothy Reid | 30 January 2020 | Posted in: Behind the Scenes

International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie
Pete Harris Lindop

1. Describe the teaching space(s) or theatre space(s) you work in.

We have one main theatre space, which is a large room with windows at one end and a wooden floor. It is painted black and has a lighting booth, rig and 5 metal chariots which roll out just under the rig and allow easy access to the lights. This also allows us to achieve some special effects by dropping things directly onto the stage (snow, water, coloured plastic balls, etc). The space is fairly flexible and has been made more so by the recent purchase of a substantial amount of modular staging from StageSystems in the United Kingdom.

It is partitioned from another equally large room, the Salle Polyvalent, which we also teach in. This room has windows on two sides and at times it can become unbearably hot.

In addition to this we have a large-ish classroom space which we use for IB Theatre work and where our main learning environment is focused as well as a recently acquired black box studio converted from an old IT room.

2. What are the things you love about this space?

Most of all, we love that the space is ours… at least for the first two of the three terms in the year. Once we get to April we have to turn our spaces over to exams but until then we can leave staging up, leave props in place, tape down floors, experiment, run lighting workshops and because it is a bit beaten-up, messy, dirty and dark, no-one else wants it which is PERFECT for us.

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