Off the rails

by Gary Gardiner | 1 April 2014

Developing autonomous learners and problem-solvers.

The following are examples of the type of projects and workshops that Gary offers. They focus on developing autonomous learners and problem-solvers, using creativity and community partnerships.

Project: Location, Location, Location

A project for schools, community groups and centres, working with all ages in explorating their location.

Location, Location, Location is a unique project, raising the questions:
What makes my area in which I live unique?
How is it similar or different to other areas?
Why is my area a fantastic place to live?
What do I wish could be different about it?

Taking on the role of Town Planners we will seek to document the cultural heritage of your local area and its people – their hobbies, history, future ambitions, land marks and exploring the relationship between the place where you live and the people who live in it. Not forgetting the most important question – what do we want to change?

The project will explore these ideas collaboratively and will culminate in a piece of original physical and visual performance open to your local community.

Project: 100 Little Pennies

A project for Schools, community groups and centres.

A man enters wearing a suit. He is a millionaire. You might have seen him recently on The Secret Millionaire. He has come to work with you because he has heard that you are the best young people around with a natural entrepreneurial flair. He wants to make money out of your skills.

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