Middle school productions

May 1

We considered releasing mosquitos on the audience but ran out of time… American School of The Hague, The Netherlands - Caroline Hurd H.M.S PINAFORE by librettist W.S. Gilbert and composer Arthur Sullivan Cast: 6 males (seven in the...

Primary school productions

May 1

On the day of our final performance, we had around 500 parents, students and school teachers watching us. International School of Stavanger, Norway – Sandy Landis GO FOR GOLD by Gawen Robinson and SHAKESPEARE ROCKS! by Steve...

Whole school productions

May 1

This was truly a whole school community production. British School New Delhi, India – Sophie Galton BREAKING GROUND based on school events and the launch of the new building project. The show was to celebrate the school’s 50th...

The Fest Track experience

January 1

ISTA fans the flames and is a lifeline for us on the ground. It’s the red blond hair I see first – the warm smile, the dancer’s grace – and the unmistakable laugh that is the ISTA ensemble leader I will be shadowing for the next three...

Desperately seeking the laughs

September 1

ultimately, the show is funny because I wrote honestly about the situation “Change the title!” That was the first thing my long-time comedy mentor Steve Kaplan advised me when I sought his guidance for a solo comedy show I was developing...

Learning through humour

September 1

laughter...cultivates a nurturing and safe risk-taking environment necessary for the learning adventure According to the annals of our family history, the first sound I made when entering this world was not a hearty scream but a bawling belly...