Bringing Light and Truth

September 11

We are all connected... even the trees. Arthur Miller The word ‘connect’ is a combination of two Latin words: ‘con’ meaning ‘together’ and ‘nectere’ meaning ‘to bind’. This marriage of words made its way into the English...

Transformed and Moved

September 11

We believe that through creativity we can expand our potential as human beings. ISTA festivals are always unique and transformative experiences and an opportunity for our Harrow Hong Kong drama pupils to work alongside children from other countries...

An Optimistic Outlook

September 11

The five ensemble pieces expressed what had happened during the Khmer Rouge with the deepest respect, beauty and even at times absurd humour, successfully tying it all together with a strong message of optimism for the future. How do I begin to...

Gladly Proven Wrong

September 11

Drama, theatre and ISTA can really bring people all around the world closer together. I am the mother of Tessie Yu from Good Hope School in Hong Kong, one of the participants at the high school ISTA festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She also went...

Something bigger than ourselves

September 11

Not long ago I was lucky enough to be a part of something that I never knew would be so impactful to so many, myself included, where I acted as one of the student translators at the festival. In March 2018 ISTA had its first Connect festival in...

Write here, write now

May 1

I struggle with the idea of considering myself a playwright. First published in the December 2006 Scene issue “Writing”. My thoughts on this article in 2018: I need to take my own advice. I have found myself stuck over the past few years...