Curriculum connections at in-house festivals

April 2

We all understand the immense impact that an ISTA festival has on everyone involved – artists, teachers and of course most significantly, students. This impact is personal, social, cerebral, theatrical. One impact that we consider less is the...


11 brilliant ways to get the most out of an AiR

April 2

Living in Singapore I’m really lucky about how many ISTA artists and teachers I get to interact with on a regular basis. The other day at a social event someone asked me how I’ve used guest artists in the past to enhance the work I do in my own...


Can Theatre help us change?

April 2

I think all of us who have devoted ourselves to this art form believe the answer to this question is ‘Yes’. There have been a handful of productions I’ve seen or been involved in the last 40+ years which have fundamentally changed my view...

Behind the Scenes

Going it alone

April 2

Samuel Kidd had heard his mother speak about her ISTA experiences for years. After all Debbie has run so many workshops and been artistic director and SEL at numerous events it was only natural that Sam wanted to experience what ISTA really was and...

Alumni stories

ISTA Alumni stories with Renato Luna Dezonne

April 2

Alumni school: Overseas School of Colombo ISTA Alumni events: Bangkok TaPS 2008 and Hong Kong HS festival 2008 What are you doing now? I am currently the high school theatre teacher and theatre manager at the American International School of...

Behind the Scenes

Finding our way – life and teaching Drama amidst the Coronavirus crisis

March 3

Everyone has heard stories of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) global crisis that is affecting over 80,000 people in countries around the globe. We have heard of quarantines on cruise ships and border crossings closing but what do we know of what...