Every person, every voice

May 1

This article was first published in the April 2014 Scene issue “Resources and research”. My thoughts on this article in 2018: I have to admit it is with some sadness that I now re-visit this article I first wrote for Scene in 2014. At the...

Theatre technology at warp speed

January 1

amazing examples of technology that continue to innovate and improve over time When I was in school I dreamt of the days when we would have hoverboards, transformable fighter planes and starships that could warp across galaxies. While we...

The digital revolution: a romance of new artistic dimensions

January 1

The human desire for connection has fuelled the growth of a socially cyber-connected community. Timothy Howe Digital revolution! The ever-evolving technological landscape is providing theatre-makers and artists with artistic pathways that...

The digital experience at the theatre

January 1

Digital technology has arrived and it is here to stay. What is not digital nowadays? The definition of what digital means continues to change over time as new technologies, user devices, methods of interaction with other humans and devices...

Red Fly/Blue Bottle: theatre and technology

January 1

Look closer at the world. Listen more carefully. On a circle of vellum an out-sized fly buzzes and shimmers, shape-shifting into the face of an old lady. The fly takes the form of a video pieced together from processed found footage - jumpy,...

Productivity pluses

January 1

The digital domain offers a world of potential. “Even the cables are making me want to get to work!” exclaimed one eleven-year old recently as he began work on the technical set-up. His enthusiasm was absolutely exciting for me as his...