Planting a seed

by Daphne Said | 1 September 2017

At some point, someone, somewhere, will make a small change for the better.

“The first step towards change is awareness…”
N. Branden

Theatre allows individuals to get in touch with their hidden selves, it gives individuals opportunities to work together and explore issues and topics from a different angle. They get to experience emotions and situations they wouldn’t necessarily come across in their lives and after every performance they become that little bit different, and sometimes that impact goes beyond just them, it leaves its mark on those who watch them or work with them. This is the magic of theatre.

This year’s hosting of an ISTA festival at our school has done precisely that: left a mark on all of us. But that’s not something strange or worth writing about… ISTA festivals always leave a mark, people talk about them for months and even years after, and the change they bring about to the first-timers is always impressive. But this year the change was more subtle… one that affected the whole community on a deeper level and since then started a chain of events that kept the momentum going.

The last ISTA festival we hosted was an even bigger event than usual. It was our turn to host again and as early as the preliminary discussions the words connect, awareness and local context kept coming up in our discussions. Malta has a rich history so we were trying to find a focus in order to look at Malta’s heritage from a different angle, one that would be interesting for the students and would give us a great starting point.

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